Micro Hose Adapters & Test Kits

Micro Hose Adapters and Test Kits

When you need a quick coupling to monitor and control pressure, vent a system or draw samples, we have what you need! Micro Hose Test Assemblies and Test Point fittings let you test systems at working pressures without tools and check for leaks in multiple spots, including leaking seals in pumps and cylinders, line blockages, faulty valves, clogged filters and worn out pumps and motors and are ideal for hydraulic oils and other mineral-based fluids used in off-road mobile equipment. Volume quantity price discounts available!

Test Points pressure test Test Point fittings connect easily to measurement, control and switching devices, so you can make connections quickly. The connection is leak-proof before the ball check is open to minimize contamination of the hydraulic system. A self-locking metal cap further protects the system. We offer Test Point fittings in a wide range of styles and sizes that are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

90 Deg Elbows TPE Test Point 90° Elbow
Direct Gauge Connectors GCP Gauge Connectors with Female Pipe
Female Test Points TPFF Check Coupling Female Face Seal
Gauge Port Fittings gp Gauge Port JIC Fittings
Micro Hose Test Assemblies minimess-test-hoses-couplings_10678582_250x250
Hose Ends

MBH_TP Microbore Hose Ends Male MetricMBH_FFX Microbore Hose Ends with Female Flat FaceMBH_MP Microbore Hose Ends with Male Pipe

MBH_SP90 Microbore Hose Ends with Standpipe 90° ElbowMBH_SP Microbore Hose Ends with StandpipeMONITORING PLUG

Hose Gauge Connections HGCP  Hose Gauge Connectors with Female Pipe
Junctions/Unions TPU-U Junction with Free FlowTPU-V Junction with No Return Valve
Male Test Points TPO Check Coupling with Metal Cap, Male O-Ring ThreadsTPBH Bulkhead Check Coupling with Metric
Metric Standpipe Test Points TPSP Metric Standpipe
Pressure Gauges TP0007 Pressure Gauge BI
Standard & Custom Kits are Available test-point-kits Extreme Duty Test Point Kit

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