Hose, Tube, & Pipe Clamps

Hose, Tube, and Pipe Clamps

We offer a variety of Hose, Tube & Pipe clamps that vary by styles and fastening application purposes from worm drive to specialty hose clamps, center punch hose clamps, boss clamps, T-bolt band clamps in zinc plated and stainless steel, mini-F, rubber, exhaust, 1 & 2 ear, worm gear clamps, non perforated (lined) band, beta clamps, loop clamps, z-clamps, z-strut clamps, cushion clamps, and more for your industry needs. Priced by each; box and volume quantity discounts available!

Clamps serve a simple yet important function of securing hose stems to a hose for rubber, silicone, and industrial hose, for pipe and tube routing, to help control vibration, and more.

Products We Offer:

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