• Industries Served

Industries Served


Transmission coolant, filler neck and Freon hoses, silicone charge air cooler hose (CAC), silicone stick, and heater hose.

Chemical Processing


Food Processing

Wash Down, Suction, Discharge, FDA Approved Hose, PTFE Tubing, Stainless Steel Fittings and instrumentation components, Conveyer Belting (lightweight and modular), Transmission Belts, RTD Elements and Temperature Transmitters, Filters (HVAC), sediment strainers (stainless and nylon), environment safe lubricants and cleaners, and quick release tubing fittings.

Forklift Services

Conductive and nonconductive thermoplastic and all rubber hose, twinline and replacement adapters (standard and metric), cushion clamps, z-struts, vinyl dipped loop clamps, beta clamps, and rubber inserts.

Lawn & Garden

Dayco GPL premium utility v-belts designed for heavy duty use on lawn and ground, home, farm, shop or industrial applications.



Medical tubing for CPAP and respiratory therapy, high temperature re-usable medical tubing steam autoclavable up to 270F , disposable tubing for CPAP, respiratory therapy, ventilators and laser smoke evacuation equipment, medical grade silicone & latex hose and tubing.


Yellow wear air and water hose (up to 2”), universal and ground joint couplings, bolt clamps (boss type), hose check -  safety chains, abrasion resistant hydraulic hose, fittings, metal, nylon, and plastic hose protection from abrasion.


Salt/bromine truck equipment attachment couplings, sewer jetting / vacuum truck equipment, hose and parts. Medium and high pressure valves, hose reels, whip hoses, fleet serpentine belts, belt tensioners and belt component kits. Silicone charge air coolant hose (CAC), garage exhaust hose, and connectors. Diagnostic couplings and flow meters for system testing.

Power Generation

Fuel system hose, adapters, silicone stick and heater coiled hose, marine exhaust (soft and hard wall) hose, silicone and t-bolt hose clamps, tank filters, fuel system check, and fuel shut-off valves.

Sanitation Services

Waste Water Facilities

Brass and stainless steel fittings, gages, hose (light and heavy wall) small and large bore, ducting (standard and hi-temp)rubber chutes, chloride / bromine hose assemblies with stamped certification data, composite ball valves (manual and electric), manifold and “Y” strainers, pipe flanges, gaskets, and PVC tubing.

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