Magnetic Level Switches

Magnetic Level Switches

A wide range of float and displacer magnetic level switches designed to be installed either inside or outside the container to be controlled. The magnetic system eliminates technical problems of other devices, such as blocked stuffing boxes, worn-out diaphragms, corroded electrodes, and besides, it offers the advantage of containing all the mechanical and electrical elements on the same hydrometric column. This arrangement saves time and cost of installation. Its high-quality mercury switches made of special “Pyrex” glass, allow to protect its operation from any factor affecting the electric contacts, such as suspended dust, humidity, etc., as well as preventing any possible “contact sticking” due to excess of current or short circuits.

Magnetic float level switches are designed in two basic types: Internal float such as 1340 series, or External float (with pressure chamber) such as 1317, 2017, and 2049 series.

Electromagnetic mechanisms are designed with one, two or three mechanisms arranged inside the switch housing with SPDT, DPDT or SPST mercury contacts, allow a wide range of functional combinations. SPDT dry contacts, normal or hermetically sealed, are provided as an option. Another type of construction is that for Marine Use, vibration or rolling proof, with SPDT dry contacts.

1317 Magnetic level switches for boilers. 1340​ Magnetic level switches for internal float tank. 1340A​ Side mounting float magnetic level switches. 1349R​ Magnetic level switch for refrigeration 1376​ Internal and external displacer magnetic level switches.
​1380 Internal and external displacer magnetic level switches. 2017​ External float level switches for general use. Access flanges to the switch chamber for inspection and cleaning. 2049​ External float level switches for general use. NO access flanges.

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