Special Devices / Pneumatically and/or Hydraulically Operated Valves

Special Device Valves

Solenoid Valves for Special Devices / Pneumatically and/or Hydraulically Operated Valves are used when there are no solenoid valves available due to size, pressure, working temperature, type of fluid, or special service conditions (explosive areas, corrosive fluids, etc.).

It groups valves and devices which specific designs are determined by the characteristic of the application and where that designs are restricted to the specific application, or when the service conditions such as temperature, pressure, flow, or type of fluid or ambient conditions don’t allow the use of conventional solenoid valves.

Valves for corrosive or contaminated products these valves use plastic materials which are compatible with the fluid, isolating the internal materials that are not compatible, such as the fixed core and the plunger, so as to avoid corrosion or fluid contamination.

1310 Pneumatically operated globe valves. 1311 Pneumatically operated diaphragm valves. 1360 Solenoid valves for corrosive fluids. 1369 Manual reset device for solenoid valves 1370 Pulse operated solenoid unit.
1372 Pneumatic operator. 1398 Digital condensation removal timer. 2073 Solenoid valves for dust collector systems. 2094 Solenoid valves for CNG (VNG). CP Power control.
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